Program Enrollment Tool Showing Rejected & Pending Applicants

Hi ERPNext Team,
Program Enrollment Tool, is showing also Rejected Applicants in the list, and when i click enroll students, its enrolling them all.
System should not enroll rejected or pending approval applicants.
Please help us to solve this. ASAP

Below are the images to show:

Hi. Thanks for using ERPNext. Please report this on github with sufficient information to replicate the issue.

I have posted issue on github:

Hoping to have issue solved in couple of days. Because we are under implementation phase.

Hi @mtajammul
If you could let us know the workflow of enrolling the students, we can help you better.
Are you using the Student Applicant for the student?
If you have any other suggestions for improving the program enrollment tool, please provide us so that we can update all changes once.

Dear Manas, thanks for reply,
Our flow is simple and it is as standard education module giving.
1- Applications will be created to apply for admission against a selected program, and academic year
2- Approval of applications to get enrolled.
3- We will enroll them under a program.

In step 3, system is loading applicants when we click get_students button in “Program Enrollment Tool”. System loads all applicants, either they are rejected or pending.

Here System should only show accepted applicants and then we can enroll them.

I hope this explains whats the problem is.

In general, the program enrollment records should be created from the Student applicant itself. Any specific reason to skip that from there and make it via the Program Enrollment Tool.
In between, I will fix Program Enrollment Tool soon.