Programm Enrollment Import


we are currently testing if ERPNext Schools is an option for our school. We’ve started to import students, but now there is no way to enrol them in programs via the import option. It is only possible to add them one by one via the webinterface. Is there another option I am missing or should a choose another workflow?


You can use Program Enrolment tool for this. In the Get Students From please select “Student Applicant”. select a program you want to enrol for along with the Academic year.

Hope this helps.

OK, thanks. So if you want to make your initial import you have to import students as student applicants, right? You can’t import them as students to automate program enrolment. I’ll try that.

Hi @zefanja ,
I would like to know if you did implement ERPNext for your school.
In which case, Request you to share the best practices to import the current student details into setting up ERPNext.

Hi @mujeerhashmi,

we haven’t implemented ERPNext till now, because there are too many basic features missing, that we need in a private school. Although I have to say, that I didn’t had a closer look on ERPNExt since a year or so. From distance it feels that ERPNext is not used widely in schools and so development of school features is moving on rather slowly.