Progress bar for DocType state

In the following demo/gif there is a short demo of a (already solved) bug. One can see a progress bar in the salesorder UI there, a gray line with blue dots on it, indicating the state of the salesorder.

How can I activate this progress bar? Or where can I find docs on it?!
I’ve downloaded v7, but can’t find it there… Pls help :slight_smile:

The progress bar was removed before v7 was released because there were issues getting it working with multiple workflows, etc.

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This was a very great feature … Very essential. Please try to add it back.

Very old thread but this would be great to have back in ERPNext esp if one has strict workflows and wants to keep people from jumping around.

@JasonBrowne, as Ben_Cornwell commented,
This feature, was removed, because, ERPNext flow’s aren’t linear, It means.

All possible scenarios in ERPNext are


So, it turns, impossible to have one, linear and sequencial flow

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What if we want to force them to just follow one flow.
Oppurtunity → Quotatation → Sales Order, Delivery Note, Sales Invoice.

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@JasonBrowne, it will only be manageable for some companies, that is outside, the purpose of an general ERP, like ERPNext

Please share which erpnext version having progress bar in sales order

Oh boy, how I’d love to have this “progress bar” for end users :slight_smile: