Progress bar not showing in ssl enabled site

Hello All,

Progress bar not showing in attendance upload and data imports in SSL enabled site.
Noticed that same is working perfectly fine in http site. Below is the version information.

erpnext 12.7.1
frappe 12.5.2

Any additional configuration required to work progress bar in https mode ?


Did you check the web server error log file for errors or warnings?

Progress bar, list auto refresh, chat etc depend on socket io.

This issue is with the this command:
sudo -H bench setup lets-encrypt [site-name]
If alters the nginx config in the wrong manner and breaks the socket io connectivity.

I have reported this issue.
To fix this issue there is a work around.

  1. Goto site_config.json remove the ssl certifactes
  2. Convert the site back to http DNS based multitenancy
  3. Re generate nginx config bench setup nginx
  4. Install certbot
  5. setup ssl with certbot --nginx
  6. Allow certbot to make changes to redirect http to https

This will fix the socketio connectivity