Project Accounting Purchase Invoice Items not linking to Project

When items are added to a Purchase Invoice and did not come from Purchase Order the project field is not being filled in even if invoice created by clicking ‘+’ from project.

Project field is in Purchase Invoice Item child table, but not visible on form even though not hidden to see and/or enter. How to make visible and selectable/changeable even though link type.

Hello tonto,

I created a Purchase Invoice and submitted it and I forgot to link it to my project.
I did not find a way to link it afterward as the Project field does not appear in the validated Purchase Invoice.

Did you find a way to make it visible please?

@st34 Have not really spent any time on this, so to answer your question no. Idea was to change to developer mode from production mode and see if that unlocked the settings on standard fields through customize.

All I can think of is that the code does more than just fill in the value of that field, thus developers only want that done on ‘Create Purchase Order’ trigger from project or sales order, rather than just selecting from drop down as in Purchase Invoice.