Project actual cost calculation issue

Hi. Congrats on the system. Is amazing, simple and fully loaded!!!
My installation is used for the day-to-day operations of a small web design firm. Let me give you an example of the problem I am facing:

  1. We have a project with an estimated cost 2000EUR
  2. For that project we created 1 task
  3. On that task the developer has logged developer time. The bill amount on the time log is recorded correctly.
  4. As a manager can see all tasks but I changed the total bill amount perm level to 1 and made it available to managers only

Now the problem is that as a manager I can see the total cost amount only for my task but not for the tasks of other users. Also the time logs even billable for tasks not mine are not updating the total bill amount on the project. Is this a known issue or a configuration problem?

I am using ERPNext v5 on VM.

Thank you in advance