Project Authorization Error

Please see the below screenshot, I have created a Project Approval Workflow, while following these steps it gives me error.

While Submitting for approval it gives me error no permission for submit, and when I give permission of submitting it says not submittable.

Please resolve my problem.

  1. I want the user first create and save it.
  2. After saving, user will submit it for approval.
  3. It may be accepted or rejected, if it is accepted, it will be treated as completed otherwise it will be treated as open and the project will again be available to submit.

Please please do not share your standard document, I have already gone through that only with the help of that document I have created this workflow.

A submitted document is usually the final stage of the document and since your project will keep changing, submit does not make sense - and there is no such things as “un-submit”

You can set different roles if you want the document to be non-editable for certain users.