Project Based Accounting


Is there any way to setup project based activities/accounting. Like, under a company, can we set project as entity and all kind of purchase, inventory, project activity, budgeting, expenditure, GL, reporting, trial balance, profitability etc, can be under Project.



Did you tried using cost center ?

this should serve your purpose.


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are you referring to Percentage of Completion (cost to cost) type of accounting? Is that what you refer to? Thanks

Not only cost center, also chart of accounts. similar to sub-company under company codes.

Is this what you need?

Hi there

I was searching for any guides on POC for accrual accounting in construction projects but only stumbled to this thread. Can’t seem to find any implementation experiences from fellow members. Hoping you could share yours.

So far with my current use, I can only use cash method perfectly with Payment Entry and Sales Inv.