Project based Production Order


At present, if we make a production order for a particular item, the system selects the default BOM for that item. However, in an engineer-to-order scenario, there is no default BOM as such. The BOM is specific to a project. For e.g., item RF1-1 can be part of two projects and have two different BOMs. In this case, it is helpful to have the project field on top and filter the BOM list based on the selected project. Currently, the user has to manually check which BOM pertains to the current project.


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Request you to please create a github feature suggestion for the same.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Ok. Done. Thanks @ArundhatiS

Can we integrate product with project as indicated in user manual for Engineer to order
“Engineer-to-Order: In this case each sale is a separate project and has to be designed and engineered to the requirements of the customer. Common examples of this are any custom business like furniture, machine tools, speciality devices, metal fabrication etc.”