Project costing (time) not reflecting in costing-account

Good day all. Trust you are all well.

I am using V12.29

I have -

  1. Created a project
  2. I have assigned billing and costing (per hour) to activity ( e.g. Meeting )
  3. I have created an “Item” (service) with the required income and expense accounts.
  4. Created a task to reflect a meeting to take place
  5. I have created a time sheet to reflect the meeting in the task
  6. I have marked the “Completed” tick in the time-sheet
  7. On the project I have generated a sales invoice.

Billing amount reflected correctly on invoice ( also traceble in GL )
Cost is reflected in the project-costing

I do not however see the cost-item for the time-sheet in the expense account
that was set up for that service-item.

I thought hat it was because the project was still open, but even after closing the propject
the cost for the time-sheet generated still does not reflect in the expense account
of the service-item used when invoicing.

If I am doing something wrong, then I will greatly appreciate some assistance.

thank you