Project Creation Error

When I am creating project, it is showing already exist. Can anyone advise?

Please elaborate on the issue, perhaps with some screenshots if possible


Thanks for the reply.
Please go through the screenshot attached, before it is working properly, now when I am trying for making project based on sales order it is showing, Project number is already created.

Lince Kurian

Try navigating to the project. From this, all I can say is that a project with that name actually exists. Try navigating to that form using this link

And see if it already exists

I tried with other project name also but it is not working.
And I tried that link , it is showing “Sorry! I could not find what you were looking for”


Dear Mishra,

There is no project with that name & I tried with some other names also.

Kindly provide one Technical expert number from ERP next team.

Kind Regards**,**

Lince Kurian

Hey, If your on ERPNext cloud, you can directly raise a support ticket from your instance, or email at

Right now there’s very little information for me to conclusively point out the bug/ problem and fix it