Project Custome Field

Project Doc

has a field named Company but it located in the end of the page

under Costing and Billing

what i want to do is
make a new field beside
Status field
and called it
company name as a link type to Company

so when i select a company from the field Company Name
it will change it . in the end of the page for Company field under
under Costing and Billing

thanks a lot for your help

You can drag the Company field from bottom to the top instead of creating a new one.

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thx alot dear for your advice
i really did it

but i am trying to know if can i do a two fields that effect on each other

also i try to move it up but the system didnt allow me to do from custom feild
but allow from doc type

so may be if i move it up it will effect on some scripts
i dont know the embedded scripts in the system

  • i need also to know the embedded scripts for the system how can i see them

@KanchanChauhan You can’t move standard fields anymore.

@sheno, DO NOT edit the DocType. NEVER edit the DocType. create a custom company field beside status. We’ll call it customcompany

then use this custom script:

frappe.ui.form.on("Project", {
    customcompany: function(frm) {
        frm.set_value("company", frm.doc.customcompany);

You can move them from Doctype but not from Customize Form.

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Yes, but if you move it in the DocType, then it will break updates.

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Thx alot dears for your help - it works great