Project Daily Reminders and Project Update

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Bai Web and Mobile Lab is planning on adding Daily Reminders and Progress Updates which was highlighted in this github issue : Daily Reminder and Progress Update · Issue #3466 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub.

Based on our initial design, we’re planning on doing the following:

In the Project Doctype:

  • Add a checkbox for “Collect Progress”

  • If “Collect Progress” is checked, show a dropdown/select field for “Frequency To Collect Progress”
    -initial options for frequency would be: Hourly, Twice daily, Daily and Weekly

  • Add a field (or fields) for “Hour/Time to Collect Progress”

    • if frequency would be “Hourly”, we should add fields for start time and end time (eg. only send emails/progress update reminders from 9AM to 4PM)
    • if frequency is “Twice Daily”, add 2 fields for the 2 specific times/hours for the progress updates
    • if frequency is “Daily”, add field for “Time to Collect Progress”
    • if frequency is “Weekly”, add field for “Time to Collect Progress” and the Day to Collect Progress Reports.
  • Users in the Project Doctype will be the recipients for the email reminders/summary.

  • Create/Update Project Dashboard to show linked Progress Updates

Progress Update (New Doctype):

  • A Link field to Project
  • A Date field
  • Time Field for Hour of Day (Should this be the same as the “hour/time to collect progress” in the project module? Or should it be the time when the Progress Update was created? Which would be better?)
  • A Select/Dropdown field, “How is the Project Progressing Right Now?”.
    -Options would be : Great/Quickly, Good/Steady, Challenging/Slow, Problematic/Stuck
  • A Child Table for Users (Users/people who contributed to the project update.)
  • Text field for Description/Update Details
  • Should doctype be submittable or not?
  • Suggested Naming would be UPDATE-ProjectName-.YY.MM.DD (suggestions are welcome)

Scheduler Event:

  • Create a Progress Update for a project during the specified times/days
  • Send an email to all users in the Project document to update the auto-created Progress Update
  • If it’s a holday, don’t send emails. (This will probably need the Calendar feature)
  • Send a summary of the updates the next day to the users in the project document.

Other questions/considerations:

  • Should progress updates be 1 update per user per hour/day/week? Or should it be 1 Update per project per hour/day/week?
  • Should there be a child table for “Progress Update” in Project to show the linked progress updates + dates + users who submitted/created/modified the Progress Update? Or would it be better to just add Progress Update to the Project Dashboard?
  • Should new progress updates be created automatically or would it be better if users created them manually?
    -If progress update is created automatically, then the link to the progress update can be sent along with the emai (Eg. please fill up the project update form here: <button which redirects to the link<). But this may lead to unused progress updates (if users forget to use the generated document and create their own)
    -If progress update is created by the user, then user will have to enter all the details manually.

Any suggestions, comments, discussions are welcome.



Thanks for your interest in contributing!

Why not just setup / extend Email Alert to handle this?

Hello @rmehta and thank you for your reply!

Yes, we’re planning on using Email Alert for the email reminders. Currently, were setting it up using the Email Alert Doctype. But if it’s better to call the email alert methods through the code, then we’d like to go that route once we study the Email Alert code. Is there an existing module/doctype that implements this? It would be nice if we can base the reminders on an existing feature.

Or “Monitor Progress”


A lot of users have been unable to set up email alert because they don’t fully understand it. Having a check box just like you have Follow via Mail checkbox for Human Resources Leave Approval and others would make life easier for these users.


That sounds better. Thanks!

Thank you for the info @flexy2ky. I think that’s what should be done too. We’ll look into the HR Leave Approval doctype so that we can use it as reference.
Again, thank you for the input!

Hello good day!
I already created a PR for this and it passed all the test.

PR linked:


Great Work
please keep on

Emmmmm…sorry i would like to find out why the monitor progress PR was only merged to develop branch?