Project Dependent Tasks

Looking at projects and tasks. If a task is dependent on previous task and you change the end date of the previous task to a later date. Why doesn’t the next task which is dependent on the modified task change as well? It this by design? If you change the date of one task do you have to change all the dependent tasks manually as well?


Currently this functionality is not available as Projects is still not a fully blown Project Management tool in ERPNext like MPP etc.

Thanks @Pawan. Do you know if this in the plans? How far and if it’s sponsored what would it cost to implement it?
Just need the info for Clients.

You could post an enhancement request issue on GitHub for this as the first step

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Posted: Enhancement request Project Dependent Tasks · Issue #6839 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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I am facing the same issue. Version I am using is

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