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We would like to use ERPNext as a Project Management Platform to collaborate with our customers.
However, I have some comments and questions.

In our scenario we will work like that:

  1. Create new Project and assign to Employee (Project Manager) and Customer
    a) Milestones should have one more column: | # | Milestone | Date | Milestone Status | Progress (calculated by % Tasks Completed)

  2. Create Milestones related to Project (one Project has 10-20 Milestones)
    a) Milestones Fields: Title, Description, Due Date, Priority, Assign To (Employee)
    b) Milestone progress should be calculated by Tasks (% Tasks Completed)

  3. Create Tasks related to Milestone and Project (one Milestone has 10-50 Tasks)

  4. Invite external users to only selected Project with rights to Read Only and add Comments (so each Customer can monitor Project progress and add comments if necessary)

  5. We would like to also add one more “alert-badge” to Customer : Projects (0)

Is it possible to do this without touching the code?

Thank you,

@Davidowsky not really. You might have to engage a developer to get this build

We have been wanting to use projects collaboratively too but just not bumping up the priority list :smile:

@rmehta Thank you very much for your answer. I am appreciated it.

Hmm… I think should be on the top, because is kind of marketing tool. Useful Project Collaboration features can easily promote ERPNext by involving Customers to use it (Freedcamp strategy).

Regarding to: “” I would like to ask you for estimate of how much it will cost and timing.

We would like to use ERPNext instead of Freedcamp, because is really nice.

Thank you,

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Thanks for your kind words.

We can get a basic collaboration done in 2 days, say 10 hours ($1000).

The user can login via the website. They will get an interface where they can see a list of tasks, timelogs and can comment on tasks and projects.

Comments will be threaded to all participants.

Does that sound interesting?

Dear @rmehta, Thank you, sounds good to us, however I have one comment about attachments.

We are testing now ERPNext and I think that attachments are not centralize, so is not possible to have a list of attachments related to: Task → Project → Customers, or Support → Customers, etc…

Is it possible to add ability to add attachments (more that one) with comments?

Almost every time we need to keep attachment related to comment. What do you think about this? It is possible to add module Documents?

We are planning to start next month.

Thank you,

Let me understand this clearly, do you need attachments in comments in stead of the document? Or you want a centralized document management like interface where you can track attachments by document type?

Can you start an GitHub Issue for your first requirement (Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub)

@rmehta I will explain you what I mean. In my opinion is good to centralize Documents (maybe by creating new module Documents or Files). I don’t want to replace anything, now is OK, just add attachment to comments and centralize.

Will be perfect if:

  • Attachments for Records (ATTACHMENTS) are centralized and stored in dedicated module - Documents - with ability to add comment, category, etc…
  • Attachments for Comments are in the same module Documents, but related to Comment (by anchor for example)

From my point of view:

  • I would like to add attachments to Project (main document is TOR, and add some comments, description, translator, language, category, etc…)
  • I would like to also add attachments to Milestones and Tasks - same form
  • Customers should be able to add attachments to Tasks via Comments (so has type Comment and automatically is related to Customer → Project → Milestone → Task).

I think is not issue, more philosophy of Document Management, but in my opinion more flexible. Each module can be related to module Documents. Would be great if we can use our requested feature (Project Collaboration) with centralize document management.

What do you think about this?

Thank you

@Davidowsky there is one more such requirement

Maybe you guys can pool in funds that will help up to develop.

lets continue this discussion on GitHub

CMIS is something else… In the next phrase we (Skytizens) would like to integrate ERPNext with Alfresco and to do this we would like to use CMIS protocol. We have some integrations via CMIS with other systems.

This time I would like to just ask for Document Centralization of internal (embedded) documents. Is it possible to prepare this solution too? Is quite important to have central access to all documents. So:

  1. we have additional module “Documents”
  2. after that, we will have: Documents > Projects, Documents > Human Resources, Documents > Products, etc…
  3. Click on Project, I have columns dedicated to this view (just Filters).

@rmehta, please tell me what do you think about that?

Thank you

Yeah we have something like this in mind too. Lets continue the discussion on GitHub