Project List View Customization


i want to customize project list table in project list it shows project name , status and estimated costing. i want to show project list with project_name, status, % completed . how can i do this ?



Fields to be shown in the list view is not configurable. Please create a Github Issue mentioning fields which should be shown in the list view. if validated, we will add it for all the users.

Would defaulting to the project report view be an option?

Is not possible to use the field “In List View” in “Customize Form” ?


In List View only works for the child table, like Sales Order Item. In the shirked view of Sales Order Item table, it will only show fields for which In List View is checked. That too, only for the first 5 fields.

Would not be good to have a check in the field customization that lets a field appear in the list view of the Doc?

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I need “Description” shown in the Item list view, what can I do about it?

“Configurable List View” should be useful for many company, how can it be listed in the function wish list?

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