Project management module, creating a recurring task

In the ERPNext project management module, I have a project called Chicken Production. Within this project, we have several tasks, including vaccination, cleaning, feeding, and egg collection. Many of these tasks need to be repeated daily or at least every week. Let’s focus on the egg collection task, which occurs every day. Considering that the entire chicken production project lasts for approximately 8 months, I need assistance in setting up automatic weekly repetition for the egg collection tasks. This ERPNext system is causing me some trouble, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Me-key-us ,

This can be accomplished through the auto-repeat feature in Frappe.

  1. Begin by creating a reference document within the Task.

  1. Enable the “Allow Repeat” option for Task in the Customize Form.

Initially, you will find an option to Repeat directly within the document itself.

Alternatively, navigate directly to the Auto Repeat document itself.

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thank you so much brother but the problem is that the Repeat option isn’t showing up after I allowed auto-repeat.

You can verify if it has been saved by refreshing the page.