Project management: Project name conflict issue


Seems like some bug is there in project management module. Example case studies details are:

When I create a project - Support and Maintenance for financial year 2016-17. System not allowing me to create because, for financial year 2015-16 project in the same name was already there. Error which I’m getting is sometime like this

As reflecting in screenshot, TASK00041 is already has a closed status

Timelog associated with this task also already submitted.

In my opinion, system should give permission to create a project in the same name provided earlier project is in closed status. Few other points:

  • If project status is open, creating new project in same name doesn’t make any sense. Thus, system should not allow to create duplicate project in same name if another is already open.

  • Either way, error message could have been better. Current error message is confusing. :slight_smile:



The fact that you cannot create 2 projects with the same name, is not a bug, is a behavior!

Remember that frappe framework, provide the same layer for everything! Imagine the complications that you can have if a user can create many orders with the same ID, or many entry payments! It will be a bit caotic!

You can add a new “title” for your projects define a “Naming Series” in your projects, so you will have 2 projects with the same title but with distincts ID’s

@sunilsrikumar, can you propose what will be a better error message?
Remember this error message need cover all the system, talking to the user, the relation between 2 doctypes, dont losing time checking with type of doctype is being related, the message just alert about a relationship!

@sunilsrikumar I would recommend you to add year as suffix to your Project Name like Support and Maintenance 2016-17 since duplicate names can be confusing and as @max_morais_dmm suggested it can cause complications.

I agree error message is not clear, it should throw duplication error. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.