Project material request

im trying to enter a material request against a project but from the project page i cannot see the requests made justwhen i go to the stock module

Facing the same issue here. Any updates on this?

You can link the Project inside the items row in the material request as shown below:

Once this is done, check the Project and you will find the Material Request linked to it in the dashboard.

Hope this helps.

That seems a bit inconvenient. In a project where there will be more than 20 items requested, individually selecting each item and assigning a project to it will be tedious.

Is there a way where a default project value can be taken at the beginning of the material request. Like how it is done for Required By Date, and upon filling this value, the default project is populated for all items in the list? Can be requested as a feature for future builds.

@vinit320 currently projects can be linked to each item line only. There is no default project at present that will be copied to all the items. However, you can create a feature request for the same here.

Hope this helps.

Yes. I have done that. People interested can track it here.