Project Module Volunteers


For all people interested in correcting current bugs on the Project module, labelling issues, answering questions and/or enhancing this module, I propose to make a first volunteer call on Friday (10-11-2017).

We can use it to kickoff our activities by reviewing and prioritizing the 24 issues currently labelled in “Project Management”:

I propose to have this call at 2pm UTC+1. Would that be OK for you @dufani1, @ruchin78 ?
I’ll update the thread with ta connexion link during the week.

Please let me know below if you can join.

Have a nice week,


Thanks @chdecultot please if possible change the time of call to 2pm UTC+1, and send us the agenda of our meeting.
Thanks again

Hi @dufani1,

No problem for 2PM, I have updated the time above.

I’ll update the agenda and the connexion link today or tomorrow the latest!


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Hi everyone,

Regarding Friday’s meeting, please find the connection link below.

We can be up to 10 people in the call, let me know if you have issues connecting and we’ll find another way.

Proposed agenda:
Duration: 1H

  1. Volunteer’s presentation
  2. Presentation of our possible actions and proposition of collaboration methods.
  3. Review of open issues and prioritization.
  4. Next steps proposal

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any suggestion for the agenda.

@chdecultot link is not there

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Hi guys,

Meeting is starting for those interested! :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I didn’t see the notice about the meeting until too late but I am interested in the topic. We have a general interest in expanding the capabilities of the Project Module especially if it trended towards an Asana-like set of capabilities. I recognize the need for bug fixes first and I am sure that there are other base functions that many others would find useful, but over time we would support the development of an easy to use system. Unfortunately, I am not a developer but might be able to engage 3rd party teams who could help with some of the bugs and add some of the functionality.

Hi @MichaelPinkowski,

You are welcome to join us.

We will most definitely need anyone who can provide help.

@dufani1 was the only volunteer present at the meeting and we decided to pick 4 or 5 issues that we consider as very important to solve and post them here this week-end. You are welcome to participate.

An issue can be a bug to fix or an enhancement proposition. The only rule: it needs to be registered on Github so we can track it.

If you want to add some proposition, please don’t hesitate.

We will then split the issues and start to work on the redaction of detailed functional specifications before going into development.

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Dear @chdecultot please check the following issues I think this will the first issue should be solved.
Project Gross Margin · Issue #9990 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hi @dufani1,

I agree with your choice.
It can be bundled with the following issue also, which relates more to a detailed project cost report:

I have updated the roadmap on the community wiki page:

Let’s start working on detailed functional specifications (we can do it directly in the Github issue for better traceability I guess).
I propose you start with the issue you have created since you know it better and I’ll do the other one.

Let’s make a review in about 1 or 2 weeks if possible.

For all other community members, don’t hesitate to review these issues, the specs and give a constructive feedback! :slight_smile:

Hi @chdecultot ,
What is our next step? I think we should work on time sheets, activities cost and relations with payoll.