Project phases or subtasks

Hello friends. I would like to know if we can apply a concept of project phases or subtasks to create a pipeline in erpnext.
Sorry if I am not clear hope an example would help.
Project name: Bake a cake
Phase 1- Get the ingredients
Task 1.1- Get flour
Task 1.2 - Get eggs
… etc
Phase 2- Mix the ingredients
Task 2.1- Mix
Phase 3 - Bake
Task 3.1 - Heat oven
Task 3.2 - Put mix in oven

Project Name is -Bake a cake
Inside “Tasks"section
1.First create a task i.e task title is " Get the ingredients”
2.Second Task .i.e Mix the ingredients
3.third Task i.e Bake
save project form.
-Your Task get created automatically
-Go to “Task” doctype
-open first task.
-There is “Depends on” section .inside that you can enter your sub task i.e get flour,get eggs
like that…
you can do same for your next task.


Thank you for your answer. I have already testred this but it produces two problems.
First problem: Tasks without their dependencies met are shown in the list creating chaos.
Second: When I duplicate the project (so I can have project templates) the tasks are duplicated without their dependencies.

@Angel milestones not supported out of the box!