Project Picklist, Task Pricing & Email Diffugalties

Have three things I have been working on to remedy but have not had success.
First: When creating a sales invoice for a project, when selecting the project being invoiced, every project ever created shows up in the picklist, regardless of whether it is set to open or completed or whether it is active or not. How to limit the picklist to only show a project listed as “Open”.
Second: Due to having many tasks whch fall into pretty specific categories, I setup one customer to have a parent task for each category with which the related child tasks report all timesheet totals to. Due to having multiple timesheets & the customer’s desire to keep the invoices short, I have to bill all the timesheets together from the Accounting module and then only have the parent task with the corresponding hours it gleans from the child tasks on the inovice. Unfortunately, ERPNext does not auto-populate the invoice line item pricing when there is more then one timesheet. As a result, after retrieving the timesheets, I manually input the category (parent task), hours worked & I also have to tell it how much the sale price is. After that spiel, the question relates to the parent task pricing on the invoice not being automatically populated. If I create a invoice that is NOT related to a project, it will automatically populate the parent task price. How to correct??
Finally Three: I have not been able to get ERPNext to reliably send email, I have done the scheduler commands, double/tripled checked my email settings but still most of the time, I have to physically open the email & tell it to send now…especially if emailing a invoice when it is created. I performed a bench update today which brought my version to 15.24.0 but seems what resulted from that was several of the RQ jobs continually in the failing state as seen in the attached file. What to do?