Project Specific Hourly Cost


I’m trying to set Invoicing through Time Sheet. Figured out that to make billing work through Tasks and Timesheet, we have to set up the Activity Cost (Billing Cost and Costing Rate) based on Activity type, but not specific to the project. My requirement is to bill the customer say 20 USD per hour for Activity type “Development” for customer A with Project A and 25 USD per hour for Activity type “Development” for customer B with Project B.

Is this possible?

Directly it is not possible but you can achieve this feature through custom app

We’re facing exactly the same requirement as muhaym with similar activities having different cost depending on the customer and/or project. What is the best practice to set up monthly project invoicing in this situation? I would rather not burden my team with a huge list of activity types for each possible combination of activity and rate.

How do others do this?