Project - Task Budget Vs Actual


Thank you for this great open source software.
We are evaluating ERP Next to decide if it is suitable for our business or not.
Our requirements are very simple but so far we tried many open source software and we were not able to achieve it.

  • We have to create a project.
  • Break down the project to tasks.
  • Create a budget and link it to the tasks: for each task we need to define: estimated hours, estimated materials, estimated expenses.
  • Now: whenever we create a Purchase Order we have to select the project and task. If the cost is within the available budget we proceed otherwise we have reject the PO for further approval. Also whenever an accountant posts a financial entry he has to select the project and task.
  • Then we have to show a report that shows the project and tasks budget vs actual.

Most of software that we tried allows us to create project and tasks but it don’t assign materials or expenses to tasks - only time -. Then whenever we create a PO it only link to Project not tasks and there are no budget validation.

Could ERP Next help us in this scenario?

Sorry for the long post and looking forward to hearing from you.



Check following link to know how budgeting and costing is managed for Projects in ERPNext.

Currently in ERPNext, you can break Projects in multiple Tasks. But these task will only be used for allocation, and updating progress on that task, create Time Logs etc.

Please refer to above link. I am sure it will address your budgeting requirement.

Thank you Umair.

The link you provided allow me to link project to cost center and not for task.
We need this functionality at the task level.


Project / Task based costing is under development, will be released in a few days. You can follow it here: