Project Tasks disappearing

I’ m having strange behaviours with my current erpnext install,

ERPNext: v11.1.22 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.23 (master)

some project tasks, are disappearing, i thought someone was deleting…, but we are only 2 users, and the other one do not delete tasks, and i do not have activity logs that say that the task was deleted.

After this i tried again two times monitoring the situation, after a couple of days, again some task are not anymore on website, the strange things seems that the task disappearing are assigned to the same project.

searching for the task for example: TASK-2019-00140 i have some reference on activity log, but task is not anymore there.

also in project task list, other tasks are missing

I have also disabled from the two users that are using the erp, the option to delete tasks.

The only activity on ERPNext on these last week was activate two notification to slack related to project tasks.

What is the best way to track / check this? does ERPNext keep log when something is deleted?

Many Thanks!!

Founded this, was easy to retrieve deleted tasks


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Ouch, this seems like a really bad design

If tasks are removed, they should be simply unlinked. Deletion is a bad (and not defensive) design decision. User input should never be deleted.

@nabinhait @rohit_w

Edit: Fixed in both 10 and 11 fix: unlink task rather than deleting it by rmehta · Pull Request #17486 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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on the topic of deleting things. does this also have the same behavior as deleting on account or order or other modules?

I tested like for the last 4-5 days, it seems that task, files (related to task) and todo are deleted too

i tried to restore some tasks for examples, and next day are deleted, here the screenshot of some minutes ago:

Can be a particular setting somewhere that change and delete things automatically after some time? or somewhere, in some log, there is a trace of this behavior to debug it?