Project tasks not showing in Gantt chart correctly?

Steps to recreate:

  1. Create New Task: Is Template, Is Group, “Clone to SSD”
  2. Create New Task: Is Template, Parent is “Clone to SSD”
  3. Create New Project Template: add both tasks above
  4. Create New Project based on template

This is what the Gantt view looks like.


The behavior is unexpected:

  • The arrow connecting the two originates at the child task and points at the parent task. It should be the other way around
  • When dragging the parent, the child doesn’t move
  • When dragging the child, the parent moves as if it was the child

I’m not sure if this is something wrong in my implementation or if it’s a bug?

Yes. There are some bugs in the gnant chart in project.

The sorting is also not proper if you add a task later. The default sorting is by ID I guess.

Gantt chart also have some problems with the Job Cards.