Project type Sales Order

lease advise on following scenario

Sales Order

Item A: Supply & Installation of Valve 150mm

In project (contracting) type SO, we need to provide following items (BoM Items) for Item A mentioned above.

  1. Valve 150mm (Billable Item) - 1 No
  2. Flange 150mm (Non-billable Item) - 2 Nos
  3. Nut-bolts (Non-billable Item) - 16 Nos
  4. Gaskets (Non-billable Item) - 2 Nos
  5. Installation (Labour) - 1 No (Service)

We have created BoM for Item A including 5 Items as shown above.

Now, first 4 BoM items shown above are Drop-ship items. Can we make PO for those items? (As a work around - we created Material Request through Production Planning Tool).

Similarly Item 5 is Labour (sub-contracting) item. For that also we need to create Work Order (a sort of Purchase Order).

So, basically, we need Drop-Ship POs directly for BoM Items. Please advise.

@Deven_Shah can you do this using Product Bundle?

I already checked that. But, it prepares the Purchase order for item which is in Sales Order (i.e. bundled item) and not for BoM item.

It should make PO for packed items not the main item.

Another GitHub Issue?

I guess its going to be a while before we can fix all your issues though.

Ok… I am creating Github Issue.

When it’s going to take little time, here are some more food for thought.

  1. While creating PO, it should take care of current stock (Projected Qty)
    and Reorder Level.

  2. Similar is the case for Manufacturing Item. It can create PO as per
    Exploded Items in BoM.

  3. At this outset, just wondering, whether separate entity called “Product
    Bundle” is required? Product Bundle has a similar functionality as (Single
    level) BoM. I have seen it in some ERP as “Sales BoM” (Or Packing BoM).
    Moreover, costing related features (Like BoM) are desirable for Product
    Bundle also.

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For Product Bundle, stock of the top level item is not maintained. Its mostly for ad-hoc bundling of items.