Project wise Stock Tracking Report

I noted that the cost of purchased items in Project wise Stock Tracking Report not fetching the data and what dose cost of delivered items mean?
Please check the test account.

In the Purchase Invoice and Receipt, ensure that Project is selected in the Item table. For that Project, value of new items purchase will be shown in this report. Just checked and found it working fine in my test account.

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Thanks @umair could you please explain to me what is the deference between the following
cost of issued items, cost of purchased items and cost of delivered items?

Thanks for your valuable time

Cost of Issues Items: Items issues via Stock Entry of Purpose Material Issue where this project was linked.

Cost of Purchase: Value if items purchased/inwarded via Purchase Receipt with this project.

Cost of Delivered Items: Value of items for which Delivery Note was created, with this Project linked.

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Thanks alot dear @umair