Projected quantities with multi-level bom

Case : Company manufactures products that are exactly the same apart from the logo, box & packaging. ie. the product gets packed into multiple brands in the packaging department.

The sales orders are received brand wise. The product code for the same product is different for each brand. ie. the scheming is such that the product name & barcode have a character for the brand. stock for only one brand is kept and other items are kept without branding till an order for it is received.

Now, while planning for production the user must determine the projected quantity and re-order levels are defined for the base product without brands.

What would be the best way to setup this scenario? How to get production planning to see projected quantities report for base products only.

If product bundles are used for packaging stage, then we lose the ability to track how many products were packed in a day.

You should maintain re-order level and production for the base product only. Perhaps instead of using Product Bundle, you can create a Repack Entry.

actually problem is not entry but to do production planning.
Sales orders are received in final product codes where as production must be done of base products.
Will re-order levels reflect lower levels of final packaging BOMs?