Projects/Company issue: How to tell what Company I'm "in" when creating a project

It seems the only way to ensure I am creating a project “In” Company B vs Company A is to go to “Company List” and then navigate to new projects from there.
This is not ideal since I need to be able to create projects for multiple companies from a flow-state focused on delegation.
Also very noticeably absent is the indication within the project document of WHAT company it is a part of !!
So the project needs to have a clear “Company Field” or it becomes extremely confusing.
The concern is that this also opens security issues due to certain projects not being appropriate for users from another company.
So, why is there not a simple way to CHOOSE which company a project is being assigned to, and why is it not OBVIOUS in the project document?
Is this a hidden field or am I really missing something obvious?

Hello @Synarchy,
As far as i know,
It is present! While creating a new project, you need to select a company for which you’re creating. Company Field

I’m surprised that you’re not able to see that. Can you please share the version of frappe and erpnext.

Thanks & Regards,

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Ahhh… so your answer helped… What I have been doing is “Edit full page” on all new documents because I’m trying to learn my way through the system…
So on the full page edit it doesn’t explicitly ask for company AND I missed that it would be in costing… Since the projects I have created thusfar are not costed projects but simply part of the setting up of the system…
I am used to project management software and so didn’t consider that the company name would be hidden away (from my perspective) in costing…
So, thank you… and while I’m on the subject… is it within the realm of customization for me to put the “Company Name” displayed as part of the project in it’s various views? For me, it would be helpful to have that visual verification since I might have nearly duplicate projects running for two companies.
(I’m a UI designer so I’m constantly having to remind myself that re-designing the UI is not what I am doing in ERPNext and I need to accept the way it is :joy: )

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Atleast you got your way out! :smile:
Good Luck with the rest!

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