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I am trying to get get Projects to show Total Purchase Cost (via Purchase Orders)

At the moment this is set to show costs for purchase invoices, which is not ideal for our environment.

How do i change this so it reflects all Purchase Orders raised against that project to show the totals on there?

Basically we are trying to have an idea of the overall costs relating to a project as we go along or purchase orders due to a relating project so we can budget in advance and know when to pay , etc…

Also, is there a way so when we enter the Estimated Project Cost, let’s say £500,000 , all of the POs and Expenses related to that project reflect the estimated project cost? example, estimates cost £500,000 , purchase orders £10,000 , expenses £10,000 , udated estimated cost £480,000 ??

Can you please help with this as it would be extremely helpful to know in advance and also in real time the running costs of a project…

I appreciate your help

Thanks in advance

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I agree with all these points. Projects is very close to being extremely useful, it just needs to be integrated into the rest of the ERPNext modules a bit more. In addition to above:

  1. I’d like to be able to pull Project details from a Sales Order. SO lines could be made into Tasks, Estimated cost would come from the Sales Order amount, etc. This would allow us that do fixed cost engineering projects to get an accurate margin number. It would even be nice to be able to get margin on each Line/Task.

  2. I agree that it would be nice to be able to tie the regular purchasing process back to a project, instead of having to use Purchase Invoices. It would also be great to add up all the Hours, Purchases and Expenses into a Project Cost as said above.

  3. The last thing I would LOVE to be able to do is pay hourly employees or contractors based on the time logs for a project and/or manufacturing time logs.

I know there are Sales Order fields in Projects and Project Fields in Sales Orders but I haven’t found any correlation yet.


Hi All

does anyone know of a way to change “purchase invoices” to “purchase orders” under projects? We do not use purchase invoices and would like to show purchase orders instead…

If anyone knows how to change or of a workaround to this would be amazing…

Please share if anyone has any ideas of solutions to this…


@anand @rmehta

Sorry to bother you guys, but just a quick one, is it possible to pull the total cost of purchase orders, rather than purchase order invoices, under projects?

Is there an easy way to modify or change this field?

many thanks in advance

Hi All

I created this topic a few months ago, but never got any replies or feedback, or pointers on how it could be achieved?

can anyone help please or recommend a solution?

Many thanks in advance

@ermalc if we create GitHub enhancement requests it would be good for the team to have a look and comment and if it’s something that not on the priority then it should be flagged and you could source your own development.

here is one I created yesterday Enhancement request Project Dependent Tasks · Issue #6839 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub