Projects- TimeLog - propposal for improve

Hello everybody,

I started to test ERPNext and now I want to contribute for improving the app.
1.Time Log List
After I linket a TimeLog with a Project Task , in the Title field (Time Log list) appear TaskID ex: Execution for TASK0014
This ID can’t comunicate something usefull , not so usefull like Task Title . You must keep the link but show the Task Title.

2.Time Log Edit Form
The same but in the Edit Form of TimeLog

3.Time Log from Project Task functionality
If we plann a Project and put tasks , it’s logic to have possibility to put the time spent on this task there , in the task ,with all related data , not outside.
It’s a waste of time to insert task log , to relinked with project and task. For sure, it’s ok to have an overview of all task logs in Task Log and ofcourse, to have the posibility to make changes .

The logic flow it’s to create the TimeLog via Project Task.

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Cristian Paiu
ERP,PM,CRM & BI Consultant

Uploading Improve TaskLog _ Put the task title after the log time type.png…

Simple Workaround can be,
Customize Form > “Time Log” and change the title field.

Currently the title field is set like this:

Thanks for attention and for your quick answer !

I think I don’t have acces to modify the code , I used an online account hosted by ERPNext.
Later ,maybe I’ll download a VM and ERPNext instalation kit to explore more.

What about with the third point ? (3.Time Log functionality from Project Task )

Must be included in the next versions , I think , it’s a basic requirement. Do you agree with my proposal ?

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Again a workaround:

Thank you!