Projects Usability

Is anyone effectively using the Projects module for actual work? Specifically, I’m looking for anyone tracking an agile development project through this interface.

On the surface, ther seem to be myriad issues. Biggest among them, IMO, are:

  1. Default List view settings leave insufficient room for the Subject
  2. All child objects are ‘Tasks’. There’s no ability to create Epics, Features, or User stories and nest them accordingly.
  3. There’s no concept of backlogs or versions out of the box, therefore it’s not possible to fully manage the project through its lifecycle.
  4. Project IDs (eg., PROJ-0001) are used by default instead of project names. This seems like a human-hostile decision.
  5. As with other list views, the Task list view wastes precious column real-estate on the Task ID field. Worse, in the default view, even on a wide monitor, the last digits of the Task ID are chopped off with elipses. The only usable part of the ID is not displayed.

Yes, I realize that I can create a bunch of doctypes to track the additional data but if the UI doesn’t understand the concept of Epic / User Story relationships, you just end up with flat lists of things and it’s not intuitive.

I’m hoping that I’m just overlooking something.

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Hi Joshua!

First thing to assume: ERPNext use the traditional project management schema!

I do use project management in ERPNext, but we adapted ourselfs intead of adapt the system!

I understand your frustration, but, if you wanna something based on ERPNext that is slightely more aligned with agile try GitHub - frappe/gameplan: Delightful, open-source, work communication tool for remote teams

If you wanna something open-source that fully align with Agile, try GitHub - Leantime/leantime: Leantime is a goals focused project management system for non-project managers. Building with ADHD, Autism, and dyslexia in mind., also dont forget to read Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters

If you wanna seriously consider ERPNext for your agile project management, there’s no other way than customization!