Projects with more than one customer linked or customer group

I am trying to figure out how I connect more than one customer to a project, either through a customer list or adding a customer group (A bit like you add an entity in SLA).

I have added a field to add a second customer, add a link to the customer to show the project link, but then there are the other links that just wont work, such as creating a timesheet from a task or issue with that customer and the project not showing as an option.

Is there any way at all to change the current customer field to be a multi field instead?

Thank You


Something like this? This is a multiselect table.

But … other Doctypes should be customized too. Timesheet or task creation from project inherits the customer, so customer field should be multiselect table. I think is doable but will need “deep” customize work.

Other approach: create a new field in Project, containing “Customer group”, linked to customer groups. In Tasks, Timesheets, etc … add the same customer group field and customize link field with queries that “limit” the customer to specified group …

Anyway, is not trivial as just add fields :wink: