Promotional Scheme Pricing Rules not Applied Automatically

On configuring Promotional Scheme, the system creates Pricing Rule but these rules are not applied automatically

Have you got any solution to this ?

It seems when you create a Promotional Scheme, a corresponding Pricing Rule is created.
In the Pricing Rule doctype under Advanced Settings section, Validate Applied Rule is selected by Default.
Point 5 in this doc
Selecting this flag means that you have to enter the applicable Discount Rate or Products manually and system will Validate it on Save.
Right now the work around is to deselect this flag everytime you create a Promotional Scheme, this will apply the Discount rates and other rule automatically

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Thanks @Manan_Shah. Looks like there is no start and end time. Only date is available. There are many scenarios where start and end time is important. Example happy hours from 7 to 9.

Another scenario is days of the promotion. Example. Only applied on Mon & Tue. Other days regular pricing is applied.