Proper handling of shipping costs

I’m looking for some advice on how others handle the situaiton with shipping costs and services in general.

When entering in shipping costs from a particular vendor it seems inelegant to follow the same process as for physcial items. For instance shipping costs could be assigned an unique itme number per the vendor, but in this case the pricing should be flexible and not dependent on a price list, as every shipping bill is going to be a different amount.

Can anybody give us some advice on how they handle shipping costs that obvious vary from one vendor?

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Shipping costs should be added in your taxes and charges table as “actual”. Not as an item.


Can I input the shipping costs of a purchase when the purchase arrives? Half of the time we do not know how much we will pay in shipping until the package has arrived. I need to be able to add the shipping cost to the purchase receipt or to the stock entry.

Also, when we pay DHL or similar for the shipping, we have to make an invoice and add the invoice to our costs…how do I make sure we are not applying the shipping costs twice?

What do I do if the supplier is paying for my shipping costs and has included the shipping fee as its own line in their sales order? Do I apply the shipping fee in the “taxes and charges” field or do I input a product line for it for accounting purposes and then use a landing voucher to apply it to the cost of what I purchased???

Depends on how you would like to account for them. As landed costs that you would distribute to the costs of the items purchased or as an expense incurred while trading.

You can find the how tos on each in the documentation