Proper Item/BOM setup for multi-step liquid

I manufacture flavor concentrates from liquid raw materials. We receive the raw materials from the manufacturer in different sizes for each raw material depending on if we are scaling up (or down). For example, raw ingredient 1 can be purchased in 1 Gal, 5 Gal and 55 Gal sizes. We do need traceability for each raw ingredient purchased with batch number and control sample. BOM would be percentages, for example Raw Material 1 = 1%, Raw Material 2 = 1%, Raw Material 3 = 98%. This is my first hands on use of ERPNext so I’m not very familiar, so I made an Item for Raw Material 1, would that have variants for the different sizes we purchase? Then, in the BOM, I see I can manually type in the item code for the Item Template, but is this the correct way? Our BOM should not be biased on the variant of the size, just the actual raw material itself.

Defining correct variants: What I understood you purchase raw material in different quantities, this should not count as a variant. You may keep Default UOM as Gal, and put quantity in purchase along with rate per Gal.
If there are different qualities of same raw material, you should use variants for that.

In item got to section SERIAL NOS AND BATCHES, check has batch no, this will ensure you enter batch no each time purchased raw materials are received.

If above is done correctly, you should be able to do this through “Batch-Wise Balance History” report.

In BOM define “Quantity” as 1 (GAL). In “MATERIALS” table add items required to manufacture this one in each raw. In quantity for 1% add as 0.01, for 98% add 0.98 (GAL) .

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Thank you, it looks like I was trying too hard!