Proper web form configuration for lead or opportunity

I have been looking at creating a custom web form to inject a lead from our WordPress site using an iframe plugin so i don’t have to pass it from WordPress using the api.

After reading the doc i am not sure what doc type and module i should choose to have the contact in the correct workflow so that we can get the info in ERPNext then interact with them with an ultimate goal of making them a customer.

W currently selected lead for doc type and selling module but it doesn’t look like its right and help would be great?

proper web form configuration for lead or opportunity


Perhaps you should choose Lead as doctype and CRM as the module. Also adding a custom doctype based on data you need to collect should help.

@imllc I do this on my website. This is the top of the form

The general workflow is Lead > Opportunity > Customer.

Thanks i made the changes and it works wish i could do toggle or drop downs specify format for phone but this works for now.