Property Management Solution

Gitlab URL:

The processes managed are as below: *Not all will be applicable to you.
Property Documents
Key Set Detail
Daily Checklist
Meter Reading
Outsourcing Attendance
Security Attendance
Withholding Tax Summary

Property Masters
Unit Type
Checklist Checkup Area
Guard Shift
Key Set
Outsourcing Category
Property Amenity
Security Deposit Details
Meter database

Create a property, link it to cost center.
Update Property Settings to link the correct account codes.
Create lease and identify the lease items with it’s frequency.
Properties can be having parent property indicated. Haven’t managed to convert it into a tree structure.

Add domain “Property Management Solution” to see the links.

Will be focusing on getting dashboards created to show the statistics in the next couple of months.


Do you plan to merge this into the core code at some point?

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I lack opportunity to do that. Maybe one step at a time.

  1. Generalization based on other’s needs
  2. Documentation
  3. Test cases
  4. Code changes to comply with travis, codacy, etc.
  5. Move to github for easy migration.

Anybody who want’s to team up, do let me know. We can startup a Telegram group so that we can discuss the generalizations necessary.

Dear Sir,
how to install the [Property Management Solution] on my erpnext?


I installed it without error but if i make an bench update i get follwoing error and it’s not visible under modules

bench update
Backing up sites…

Cannot proceed with update: You have local changes in app “csf_tz” that are not committed.

Here are your choices:

  1. Merge the csf_tz app manually with “git pull” / “git pull --rebase” and fix conflicts.
  2. Temporarily remove your changes with “git stash” or discard them completely
    with “bench update --reset” or for individual repositries “git reset --hard”
  3. If your changes are helpful for others, send in a pull request via GitHub and
    wait for them to be merged in the core.
    Cheers klanglicht

How did you install it bro?

bench get-app propms
bench get-app csf_tz GitHub - aakvatech/CSF_TZ
bench --site your-site install-app csf_tz
bench --site your-site install-app propms

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I’ve only one site site1.local shall I give the full name?
or just site1

then replace it with site1.local

same here bro no errors but no app appeared

go to apps/csf_tz and run git stash

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hmmm what to do now?

Suddenly appeared after clearing cash

thanks brother all the respect :slight_smile:

bench update --reset

thank you @aakvatech and all others
please help those who want to add this Property Management Module to their Erpnext.
mine is:
i have some customized DocTypes in my ERPNEXT app and its on a Machine That can not be connected to the Online Stream
so how can i get property Management work with my ERPNEXT?
thank you all in advance

it must be added to the Core code as fast as possible
thank you

hi @aakvatech
what about the translation?
i installed Property Management Solution successfully to Erpnext but i faced problem with Arabic Translation .
the Erpnext App is just when you change your language all system become translated to your selected Language but most of Property Management Solution DocTypes Does not!!!
how this issue could be solved?

Send the screenshot where the translations are not working. We can quickly fix that.

I would have wished to do the same, but have to learn a lot and put in efforts as indicated in Property Management Solution - #3 by aakvatech

5 steps to getting to core:

  1. Generalization based on other’s needs (YOUR FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT)
  2. Documentation (STARTED)
  3. Test cases (NOT STARTED)
  4. Code changes to comply with travis, codacy, etc. (NOT STARTED)
  5. Move to github for easy migration. (DONE)
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We added fixes to many multi company related problems lately.