Property Management System

Hi All,

I wanted to start a project to create Property Management Module into Frappe and ERPNext. This module would cater property management companies involved in Managing properties for lease. It will cater the following transactions:

  1. Unit Listing
  2. Lease and Billing
  3. Meter Reading
  4. Common Usage Allocation
  5. Repairs and Maintenance

@jeffbangquil share your repo link, I am sure you will get many collaborators.

We have a property management solution developed in Java technology long time back. I mean to say, we have domain knowledge. If you need any help then please let me know. We will share our knowledge if required.

Thanks. We have the same module with xTuple ERP, developed about two years ago and we have clients currently using it. We wanted to port that module to ERPNext, as we see it better to be with ERPNext.

Need help with GitHub. Never have done sharing repositories.

Let me know what help you need exactly. I will align someone from our team to guide you on GitHub.

I already have built an app PMS on my Frappe Installation. Now, how could I get it up into Git Hib. As I understand, as the development progress, it should be able to upload changes into the GitHub.

@makarand_b @kolate_sambhaji
Please guide him on GitHub.


Please register on with your email.
After that make one repository using this link Sign in to GitHub ยท GitHub
enter following details:
Repository name: propertyapp(or your app name)

Click on Create Repository button

Now you have created your github repository.

To publish your code to github run following commands
Go to frappe-bench/apps/ folder //relace propertyapp name with your app name

cd frappe-bench/apps/propertyapp

git init
git add
git commit -m "first commit"
git remote add origin<yourgithubusername>/testapp.git
git push -u origin master

let me know if you need any help or clarification.

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Already done with this


How could I know my apps is published or not?

Any Update on this ?

Hi, the repository is available in here:

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Thanks for the reply.
Can you help me with adding this app to my demo erpnext?
Just want to check how it is and its process flow.


We are almost done with our beta for PropertyNext.
The repo is here: GitHub - jcbdigitalhub/property: Property Management
Docu is not yet done but already started in here:


is this app ready to use? i have a requirement for it

Hi djkazi, yes we are currently using it.

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Hi @jeffbangquil, looks like the link for documentation should be updated:

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Hi everyone,

Can I add this as a new domain for ERPNext? How can I do it?

Hi Jeff,
I have successfully installed the app, Do you have a user guide.Like how to I add a new property, tenant etc.