[Proposal] a way to fix "no doc/invoice name" in offline POS

If I knew this before making the decision to switch to ERPNext, I would have waiting, this is a deal breaker for some, including me.
As we know, in offline POS, doc.name is not created until pos is synced, and when a sale is made, its receipt is printed without it, this is to avoid naming conflicts/issues.

But, in my country, we are bound by law to return a sold item within a given time, we use invoice number to select the sale document to return/refund it, so we have to print it on the receipt in order to search for it, I think many retails do this.

My proposal is: why can’t we give every Pos Profile a unique number and this way we can have a name for offline POS, since every sale a profile will make will name its invoices uniquely.

The naming could be ACC-SINV-PosID-.YY.-
this way we’ll defiantly avoid naming conflicts and we will have an invoice name before sync.

What do you think?