[PROPOSAL] : Apply global tax calculation on each individual item in ERPNext

Hello Community,

I have developed “Apply tax charges sale invoice line on each individual item” feature in ERPNext.

Please see below snap shot.

Our pull request Link: [ADD] Added functionality for Item Wise Tax applied on sale order line. by Solufyin · Pull Request #16197 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I want ability to develop this feature functionality into purchase order,purchase invoice,sale order,sales invoice and delivery items.


  1. The same item in quotation apply different tax charges-
    quotation A can be set item-1: 5% ,
    quotation- B can be set item-1: 10% and
    quotation- C can be set item-1: 15%.

  2. Tax charges can be set by default 0%

  3. The different item in same quotation apply invidual tax charges-
    quotation A can be set item-1: 10% ,
    quotation- A can be set item-2: 20% ,
    quotation- A can be set item-3: 30%,
    quotation- A can be set item-4: 0%.

  4. This global tax calculation feature We can use purchase order,purchase invoice,sale order,sale invoice and delivery items.

Please give your opinions and suggestions ?
Can we do further proceed for implementing this feature in ERPNext?

Ketan Patel

Hi, this is a very required functionality in ERPNext. It is the most difficult thing that we had to adapt as far as the accounting of our country, to configure the taxes in the product.

I also see that you closed the pull request, as it impacts much of the ERP and should be a task of the core team.