[Proposal] ERPNext Conference 2017, Mumbai - Oct 11-14


We are proposing the Mumbai conference this time to be a 4 day event. Please share your thoughts:

Oct 11 - Developer Sessions (50-70 participants)

  • Deep Dive into Frappe Framework
  • Frappe UI Development
  • Frappe Portal Development
  • Moving to Python 3

Oct 12 - Roadmap Sessions (50-70 participants)

  • Roadmap for Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution
  • Roadmap for Services
  • Roadmap for Education
  • Roadmap for other domains
  • Localization

Oct 13 - ERPNext Foundation Day (50-70 participants)

  • Foundation goals
  • Foundation roadmap
  • ERPNext Chapters
  • Marketing
  • Governance and way forward

Oct 14 - Talks by community and users (200 participants)

  • New product updates
  • Talks by ERPNext Community Members

Can we prepone it?

It will help if Developer training and talks by community are on consecutive day! Some of us may not be able to attend 4 days and for those who are getting started with erpnext,dev training and community talks may be most relevant sessions.

Good. Another conference is on the way :slight_smile:
This time more topics and sessions than compared to last few years. It shows how community and ERPNext product is growing. Overall session structure looks good, still one possibility of replacing 1st day with 3rd day.

Good going @erpnext Team and @JayRam

Best luck :slight_smile:

I’m all for the conference, However suggest the following changes:

Oct 12: ERPNext Foundation Day and a Parallel Stream: Developer Session.

Oct 13: Talks by Community and Users

Oct 14: Roadmap Sessions

This will ensure that some people can do just two days. The people that are involved with the Foundation and Developers may want to attend all three days, but most people should be able to do two days depending on whether they want to participate in the Roadmap session or the Foundation/Developer Session.

Or maybe the Roadmap could be on the 2nd day and the Talks by Community and Users on Day 3.



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Will there be a stream of the event for those who won’t be able to make it? :smiley: