[Proposal] Foundation, Way Forward for 2018-19

Dear Foundation members,

Thanks for all the discussions we had at the conference, like we all observed, that the role of the foundation is not really clear. We have $45,000 in the foundation account, here is what I am proposing:

  1. We spend $30k on grants to projects (between $1k to $5k) that anyone in the community can propose. The foundation, will have a committee to review and approve all proposals and give grants.

  2. We spend $15k on travel for core developer to events/code sprints. This is open to any local chapter and they can apply to the foundation for funds (upto $2k per chapter).

Let me know your thoughts, I think this would be the best use of the funds and will also promote the goals of the foundation.

Note: This goes against my earlier proposal of hiring developers under the foundation, as at this point, it would be too much for anyone in Frappe Tech to take voluntary leadership of these developers.

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…Still going thru the youtube recording of the Con18…Congrats to the organisers…

Nice to hear there is $45K in the petty…

|Some years back we had a voting system for new developments…now with a much…much larger comminity we could consider to give this a shot again.

Who will code the selected projects? Frappe I guess/hope.

rgds Robert

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Thanks @becht_robert. This is not for Frappe Tech, but for any community developer / company who wants to contribute and needs a grant to fund it. Any team can propose to build / maintain feature X and the foundation can choose to fund it based on the proposal.


It is a practical proposal for this year.

If there are more funds in the future:
Can the foundation also consider funding a fixed percentage(5% or 10%) to upstream projects that may need funds ?


I second the thought of using funds to promote and arrange code sprints. We need more of those in near future. This is a quickest way to get things we need to get added in the core.

Grant based projects may not have the required turnaround time.


I have a long list of improvement proposal list, mainly for the frappe framework. Even though I created some PR and merged.

( converted to another PR, still open)

I realized that single handed on new PR for all tasks : idea, spec, coding, testing, documentation is very challenging and time consuming, most of the times even result in TOTAL halt.

I would like to seek this opportunity to have my ideas/ new proposals supported by the foundation fund.

3 potential projects below



@szufisher This is the exact reason for the grant! Let’s wait for a few more days for a response on this and maybe we can finalize the process next week or so.

I am ready to create new PR for user permission refactor, when will the foundation fund can be applied? or can you help to evaluate whether it is right time to accept my proposal and start the PR now? if so, can you help to assign core team members to work on this new PR ?


@szufisher We have started accepting proposals informally, we are working on a formal plan too.

Unfortunately we don’t have any available resource from our team, if you are working on this proposal, the foundation would be open to fund you if there is an agreement on the design / specs.

As I have already finished the coding and relevant test cases, also tested on my local instance, it is OK to start the PR now?

Sure, please start the PR!