Proposal: Frappe App Directory

As an offshoot of this comment → [IMP] Code of Conduct regarding Open vs Closed Source - #38 by Chude_Osiegbu and the conversation within which it was made, I’m proposing the development of a Frappe App Directory where developers who have created functionality in PRs and custom apps can showcase their efforts. The benefits would be:

  • An easily searchable directory of apps and PRs clearly categorised by domain and functionality
  • An ability for the community to rate submissions based on their quality and impact
  • An ability to identify and link related efforts with each other to reduce duplication of effort and also to identify complementary functionality
  • An ability to identify developers providing useful content
  • The ability to invite recognised developers to update listed submissions with a view to talking them from developments with potential to high quality products worthy of being integrated into the core. These could either be the original developers or others who indicate interest.
  • Ability for selected developers to get paid for their improvements to existing submissions

The idea is to enable developers showcase their custom apps that could be useful to others, gain recognition for their work, reduce duplicated effort and possibly act as a revenue earning platform for developers who are willing to share their work.

With this in mind, I have started drawing up a specification document here that describes the doctypes that will be needed to build such an application:
FrappeAppHub - Google Sheets

The document allows comments. Please feel free to add comments to it. If they are useful and have enough support I’ll include them in specification. Once we have enough feedback indicating that the community is interested in this idea, we’ll finalize the specifications and post a job onto the forum for its implementation.

@rmehta has indicated that the foundation might be willing to pick up the bill.

Please feel free to contribute your ideas towards creating the proposed platform.


Yes. Let the foundation take their share as well :slight_smile: sooooo looking forward to extending ERPNext!

I support the initiative.

To be effective, it is important for the framework to support a mechanism with the framework or erpnext to allow for the easy plug in of third party contributions.

@Chude_Osiegbu I am confused whether this is a job portal or app directory? Job Portal for can be improved directly on the erpnext/foundation app.

Edit: From the shared spreadsheet

Sounds to me that what @Chude_Osiegbuhas has in mind is an App Directory.

Seems we are getting back to this point in some way or another every here and then.

This would be applicable for apps like pos_bahrain and optic_store of f_9T9IT.

It can function as an incubator for apps which could eventually end up in the monolith erpnext

that’s an interesting thought. I guess with that drift Frappé (who have oposed the idea of an App Store many times) may be looking at this from a different angle.

  • So, it’s not really an app store since apps are not being sold. Rather the source code of the apps are shared.
  • Those who aren’t coders can pay others who are to adapt the submissions for their purposes.
  • We expect such modifications to be themselves posted as related submissions
  • If the directory takes off as planned, a submission’s popularity can provide an indication that perhaps it should be incorporated into ERPNext or Frappe. The directory isn’t for ERPNext apps only

It’s a bit of both. The jobs here will be only with respect to entries made in the directory.

Hi Chude

Is there an update on this ?


Work in progress. Just recovering from the holidays. Should have something we’re happy to show in about 2 weeks.

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