[Proposal] Hiring for a full time operations head for the foundation

Hello all,

Thanks to the community we have been able to raise close to $40k for the first year. I would like to propose that we should have a full time operations head / evangelist for the foundation who will:

  1. Work on the foundation roadmap, collate feature requirements from various users, members and build a spec
  2. Stay in touch with all members and help them with their ERPNext activities and take their feedback.
  3. Attend meetups / help local chapters where needed
  4. Plan activities and review foundation funded developers and projects
  5. Follow up on bounties and fund raising queries

I will run this through all the foundation members what they think about this in the next call. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, please let us know.

Salary should be market based depending on experience and foundation’s ability to pay.

If you think you are a candidate, please drop us a mail at foundation@erpnext.org


Shall we post this on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages?

I think this is a terrific idea. However, I do think a very clear job description would be required with tasks identified in more detail. Also, who will review performance? Who would this person report to? It would be prudent to define the (relatively small) org structure for the foundation as we are clearly growing.

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The output of this role would be the results we will see in the software. And also hopefully take some load off the CEO and other honorary positions. So its good to see the foundation sustaining at the beginning and making a step up. cheers

Its good idea to have full time operation head.

However I think, there should be a scope for contributors and foundation members to come and participate as volunteer for above task.

Hi to Everyone!

May I participate this discussion. I assume that the Foundation is already register somewhere, am I right. Being a Foundation as oppose to Corporation, each foundation member has equal vote with respect to what direction to take. The operation head is acting in behalf of all the foundation members and he should ensure that he is doing what the majority says so by structure he is reporting to all members.

As the membership grows, this set-up becomes problematic and very difficult to hear what the majority is saying. As soon as the membership reach that threshold, the board of directors need to be elected from the members then the operation head (or president) will be reporting directly to board to get the proper decision by means of voting. In similar manner each directors are equal with 1 vote.