[Proposal] Idea Bank, Enhancement request

Request from Frappe (they are leading community) to put web form for new idea and enhancement request.

It can be under erpnext.org or in discuss.frappe.io


  • Idea shared in discussion forum most of the time is lost.
  • Git hub also no proper follow up process for new Idea
  • If centralized we are sure that any idea / enhancement request will take a proper attention and right decision when can be planned.
  • Enrich ERPNext with original features.

Open for your feedback and inouts.


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I suggest to add a $500 fee to any feature request. Everybody has great ideas. I could spend the whole day writing feature requests. But people will have to put work into checking and estimating the effort. If you want people to evaluate your ideas, you should at least cover the expenses.

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I think I miss some important points to tell, first to submit an idea or ER you should be a subscribed and getting support from Frappe or any other partner, during implementation or support period as implementer or end user you discover some idea or small enhancement to complete the task easily with less headache where result and benefits is high. It’s not about writing imaginary stories. As a consultant I am getting requirements from client which is valid but not available and worth to be implemented. At the end someone will validate or reject those ideas or ERs.

Fair enough, it makes sense for paying customers.