[Proposal] Manufacturing Roadmap Apr - Jun 2020

Will this automatically update the transfer from stock to WIP to account for extra raw materials?
Will this automatically update the transfer from WIP to raw materials stock if the operator does NOT use all of the material that was part of the original transfer?

Then why no mention of the “Scrap Management” function?!?
This is something that has been a significant complaint against the manufacturing module for a very long time. It currently requires a person of higher permissions or role permission to move any raw materials to the scrap warehouse, move remaining raw materials to the raw materials stock location, and move any defective finished or partially finished product to scrap all manually!!

This should be something the production line worker can do via some simple function to id bad finished or partially finished product, defective raw material, etc.

And finally…

Over and Under production. There needs to be a way to call a production order to “Completed” status if it were not possible to produce the entire amount. If the production order is as a result of demand created by sales orders or other means then those processes must also be notified there will not be enough product to support the sales order or other demand.

Currently the production order must be set to “Stopped” but this prevent the available reports that search by doc status to find completed production orders. It seems it would be smarter to complete the work order and then set a red flag that it did not fulfill the demand request.

Over production
Under production
Scrap Management

These are the items that continue to make the current system unusable.

Just my opinion…



Let us arrange an online conference call with agenda-

  1. Discussion on challenges in production planning in erpnext
  2. Integration planning
  3. Team formation planning
  4. Timeline and release schedule planning
  5. Weekly meet planning

We would need some sme too

Currently I am working on this part, by default system will consume the materials as per BOM and give provision to edit consume qty in the popup for the extra materials. Regarding second question, this is simple, we will add Button in the completed work order to transfer the materials from WIP to raw materials stock (This will be manual process)

Did you mentioned somewhere in this POST about this feature? or I have missed?

Will consider this parts in the next roadmap. If you have more requirements, kindly share with us so that we will create the next Roadmap accordingly.

Would be good to have a PLM integration, say to FreeCad inside ERPNext. Oode I suppose have.

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Hi community, these are great new features. May I know if these will be added to v12?

Will this be “manual” only in the sense that the production user has to click the button and verify the items to transfer back to raw materials stock? Or do you mean that the button will take them to the ledger and they have to do it all manually?

No, I did not mention in this post because yesterday is the first time I saw this post.

Due to how this was stated I thought someone has been keeping track of the important manufacturing elements that are missing. Scrap Management is probably the 3rd most important part of the manufacturing process after BOM/WorkOrders, and accounting ledger entries.

It has been a sore spot on the manufacturing module now for several years. In previous posts about it going back over at least 2 years now the core team promised to address it in the next revisit to manufacturing.

And now you tell us it will have to wait for several more years until you get around to manufacturing again?!?

I know that @JayRam and others have discussed this in the forums and tagged core team members into the discussions many times over.

So why continue to ignore this important part of the manufacturing process and cripple the module yet again?

The complaints about this missing function already go back over 4 years!!! Go ahead. Search the forums yourself to see. At some point someone even wrote part of the function and had it setup is a PR but it NEVER got done and that was several years ago as well.

This is the missing function that already forces me to use other ERP systems with my clients that are manufacturing focused. There are plenty of bells and whistles in the new features, yet nothing to solve a problem that occurs every week in every manufacturing environment.

As I said before… I give up. This system may never be ready for real manufacturing.

And… NO, I am not going to spend a fortune again to tear apart a module to fix it only to have almost all of my PRs skipped over. I did that for POS and I am not up for that kind of headache again.


See these:


Sorry If I have ignored but I don’t have any intention to ignore the features which you have listed. The features which you feel important might others not feel it important and the features which other thinks important might be not important for you. I have posted the Roadmap on 29th March and today is the 1st June, no one has mentioned about the scrap management(for subcontract) which meant somehow they are managing with the existing system. Many people has raised the real problems that they are facing and we are working on this.

We have merged the PRs which resolved the generic problems, you need to understand this first. I really don’t understand what you want to prove here, you came last and now you want everything.

Hi All,

I have run into the following problem of using sub-contracted sub-assemblies in a Production Plan.
The following link is a discussion I started stating the problem: Using sub-contracted sub-assemblies in a Production Plan

But essentially here it is:
Hi All,

We create a production plan for a product, there are a number of sub-assemblies that occur for the product, some of these are done in house (this is fine, the production plan creates work orders for these). BUT some sub-assemblies have external sub-contracted activities (in this case, it is the electo-coating of metal work and the cutting, drilling and tapping of heatsinks). The ERP creates a work order for these products as well, but I need to use a purchase order in order to subcontract work.

If I submit the work order (Stock Entry using Material Transfer for Manufacture) and use the purchase order to create a Stock Entry using Send to Subcontractor. It will count as a double entry.

Essentially what I would like to know: is there a set procedure for sub-contracted sub-assemblies when using Production Plans? And if there is, what is it?

Please provide feedback on whether or not others run into similar issues.

(PS I have a “non-ideal”/“kind of” solution for this (check link))

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@rohit_w - As a made to order food producer, options for a tablet app would be great.

Personal phones are hard for the team since hands are often covered in food material.

Operators are processing multiple jobs, need the ability to jump around to different job cards to start stop.

Would job cards sync across devices? Could a floor lead be able to monitor and start stop missed items?

I think, we should have checkbox to make sub-contracted purchase order against the sub-assembly items (similar we have to make work order against sub-assembly items).

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The app will be use in mobile as well on tablet with android / ios. You need to connect your mobile app with the live erpnext instance, and system will use the same database.



This looks great so far!

I’m supporting two manufacturing businesses (running ERPNext), and both of them would really like some improvement of scrapping functionality during manufacturing.

The current documentation only focuses on BOM scrap, but I think we should make an effort to address scrap during production, whether it is one of the raw materials being converted or the produced part. I don’t know if this issue has been pushed aside over the years as some work may be needed in the Accounts module.

Other ERP systems have dedicated forms to handle scrap. Maybe even a default Stock Entry Type.

Or at the very least, just a stance/explanation of how companies can handle manufacturing scrap

I’m getting much better over time with development, so I may be even able to help/test. But first we need to discuss the plan or possibilities


Does the new manufacturing road map also address the issue of 1 operator handling multiple workstations. This is some times a norm in manufacturing where in 1 operator can handle multiple workstations but I guess in v12 the job card has a validation and does not allow for same operator doing the job card time overlap.

Yes, this would be a very welcome feature. In our production 1 person operates 2-4 workstations.

Whatever happened to this roadmap? There were some good ideas/proposals here.

When can we expect these features?

Can we get an update on this roadmap? What help is needed by the community?

Hello All

Thanks for the sharing your feedback!
I am replying to this post after long time because I was tested Covid positive and was on the leave for almost one month. Now I am good and soon will add the new manufacturing roadmap in which I’ll add the points which community has suggested in this thread. Regarding roadmap APR - Jun 2020 most of the features are developed and added in the version 13-beta. Few are left which I’ll add in the next roadmap.

Thanks, Rohit


Good to hear that you are healthy @rohit_w. Take care of yourself.

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Happy you are healthy and well now @rohit_w

Do take care of yourself.

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