Proposal - Name change in CRM

Customers Not Buying Since Long Time in the CRM feels clunky, I feel it would be better to have “Inactive Customers” or something more precise in english.

Open to ideas, figured this could make the tool a bit more professional sounding


@DrTrills Thanks this is great :slight_smile: Can you send a pull-request?

  1. Start your site in developer mode
  2. Create a duplicate report with the new name
  3. Copy the JS filles etc to the new report
  4. Write a patch to delete the old report
  5. Check links in for the module menu

@rmehta Sounds good, I am currently traveling and don’t have the best signal but will try to get to it soon.


hi, Agree.
In the past there where many more “clunky” names. I have discussed this long time ago, many improvements have been implemented, and at a certain moment one gets used to a terminology.
Part of this originates from the coder, who has to give a name to variable, that than is used in the user interface.
I am non-native English, and understand that there is a difference between English,Australian, US, etc English.

Still believe that especially in the pricing section there are many not very professional sounding words in use.

The mixed use of rate and price. I would suggest unit price.
Than there is Print Rate ( all inclusive price, price including taxes and charges) No one outside the Erpnext environment will ever understand the meaning.

And so there are many more. First Time or test users may be scared away by these type of descriptions.

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Ok, I have it working on my machine. The only issue I am having is with the patch. I am not positive on how to write it correctly for execution.

WIll keep trying, though any help would be appreciated!

Do you want to create a pull request for this? We can discuss it over there.