[Proposal] Telephony module

Agents should be able to make and receive calls through the ERPNext platform. Broadly we can categorize requirements into two types.

  1. customer support for B2B marketplace
  2. customer support for B2C marketplace

Compared to B2C, B2B interaction has to be very strong and usually will end up with good relationships. It is good to have a single contact for B2B whereas B2C can work very well with call center using IVR .

Here the focus is implementing customer support for B2B by providing unique identity(Unique phone number) for each sales person.

We can have a telephony module that holds all the common doctypes needed to integrate any PBX system. We can create separate apps for each PBX provider(Ex: twilio) that can be plugged into ERPNext.

Doctypes in Telephony module

  1. call logs - erpnext/call_log.json at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

  2. Voice Settings - These are user level voice settings. Doctype fields are

  • Greeting message

  • Agent unavailable message

  • Device to receive call (Phone/computer).

    And telephony apps need to add user specific settings into this doctype (Ex: Twilio user number).

Doctypes in Telephony apps

  1. Service provider settings - specific to service provider
  2. All user specific settings have to be added as custom fields into the Telephony module Voice Settings doctype.


Outbound call: You can make a call by clicking the phone icon next to the phone number

Inbound call: Depending on your voice settings you can receive the call on your phone or computer.


Exactly, there should be a module to log calls, emails and texts sent to customers

Should we call it “Voice Call Settings” rather than “Voice Settings” ?

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Any of the the names will do. What is most important now is that how can we log support calls or emails on erpnext. At least if you can give us a workaround pending the time that you will build it as a custom module

We are also looking for a similar app. We ended up using 3cx. Is anyone interested to fund?

Hello, do you found something?

Great to see a proposal for Telephony Module. I was thinking of getting a custom module for our Grandstream IPPBX for CDR, PBX over-view, active calls, etc. Like a Dashboard for Telephony data. Would be great if you could add a SIP client for making calls from ERPNext itself.

Looking forward to its implementation.


The already available Twilio module, would be the best place to start.

Make it take the users phone number as endpoint when clicking on a phone number inside ERPNext.

For Incoming call add another menu in ERPNext to set a nubmer or list of numbers to forward to.

Of course the calls need to be displayed somehow and also a popup with notes etc. need to be documented together with maybe status updates when calling Leads.